Malviniemi Company

Malviniemi Company is a Finnish contemporary dance company established in 2011. Choreographer and dancer Mia Malviniemi is the artistic director of the company. The core of our activities are annually produced dance works for the stage and various site-specific performances. We also produce diverse applied dance art activities aimed at the elderly. The company is based in Vaasa, located on the West coast of Finland.

’For me dance is the physical world of feelings, thoughts and images, and being present and interacting with people. ’


– Mia Malviniemi


Moments from K premiere 6.8.2020

  In her new dance piece, Moments from K, choreographer Mia Malviniemi looks at people’s relationships with a place, the city and nature.  The choreography is built around notions of how the aesthetics and the lived experience of a certain place, a city or nature

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Today’s gem

– dance film about the boundaries of the aging body and the boundlessness of the mind. In May 2020, a dance film The Pearl of the Day, with two elderly people, will be filmed. Participants have been selected from the Artist at Home business clients.

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Dance moments for the elderly

The dance occasions aimed at the elderly are up and running again from 3.2.2020. Artist at home – The dance activities of the business offer stimulation and interaction to the elderly who live at home, and who have limited opportunities to move on their own

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